Create Your Own Valentine's Day Photoshoot!

Every holiday is the perfect time for a photoshoot! The specific colors and mascots all contribute to imprinting memories we won't forget for some time to come; and by photographing these special days, the memories are sure to last a lifetime!

So, you want to do something special and take photos this Valentine's Day, but don't want to be limited to a 15-30 minute mini-session, right? Well, you could call up your favorite photographer (like me, at good old 2SP) and schedule a themed shoot. This will take all of the prop making/ buying, tedious work and tech worry out of it for you. Or you can take on the challenge yourself, and if you're up for it, here are a few tips!

1. The Dollar Tree (or similar budget craft store) is Your Best Friend

High quality props can be expensive, and if you are just testing out photography or only needing props for a single shoot - this is the perfect place to pick some up. There is always a dedicated aisle for whatever holiday is coming up, so just pop over there and grab all the props you think you'll need!

2. Choose a Color Focus

The good thing about Valentine's Day is that the color palette is already chosen for you. The thing you want to keep in mind is to not overdo it. Three colors seems simple but it can easily become overwhelming if you're not careful. For every two bold colors you use (ex. bright red & deep red), try to balance it out with a neutral like white, blush pink or beige. That way the eye knows what to focus on and doesn't go haywire with too many colors vying for attention.

3. Gift Wrap, Wallpaper Samples, & Contact Paper

These are all great options to use as backdrops if you want one. You can easily stick gift wrap and contact paper on your walls with regular desk tape (just make sure you go for the matte or flat finished gift wrap because shiny gift wrap can be harder to work with). While contact paper is already made with an adhesive back and can be removed from the wall after with almost no effort.

4. Portrait Mode

If you have a phone that includes portrait mode, you'll want to utilize that baby. It'll make things super simple if you're not familiar with cameras.

5. Know What Your End Game Is

Who are you taking these photos for and why? If they are going to be for custom Valentine's Day cards for your son's classmates, make sure you take photos in the direction you want the cards printed in (horizontal or vertical?). If you plan on adding text later, make sure you leave "bleed room" for the text to go in. You don't want to take the perfect photo and then realize the text is going to have to go over Johnny's nose now since there's no extra room.

6. Be You

Chances are, if you are doing a Valentine's shoot, you are doing one as a gift for your significant other, to have fun shooting one with someone you treasure, or to share some platonic love with people you see often. All of these people know who you are and don't want some super put on show of a card/ photo. They just want to see the person in the photo being the best (possibly themed) version of themselves, sharing some holiday feels with them.

Hopefully these tips help you and be sure to tag me on Instagram with your final products!

Also feel free to download the Instagram freebie if you want some text to put on your pics!

© 2013 by Sierra Scott