Clothing for Shoots

October 15, 2013

As we begin our shift from the hot, hot summer into the cooler fall months, a lot more clients have been asking what they should wear for their shoot. As a former Print agent, it was common practice for me to make sure I knew what was appropriate for actors/ models to wear for their auditions and if they needed to bring anything with them to their shoots, so I always include a set of clothing guidelines after we finalize everything. If you are not currently doing this, I highly recommend you start as it not only answers common questions, but also helps to establish credibility for you as a photographer. After all, it is the trust that you build with your clients that will keep them coming back to you rather than going to whoever happens to have the best discount at the moment for their photos.


My personal favorite colors for the fall are the colors you would see in trees: mossy greens, woody browns, golden orange and yellow colors you would see in tree leaves... stuff like that. Golds are always nice, as well as pumpkin oranges. If you want just a touch of fall in your photos and don't want a full fall theme, pairing a nice, fluffy beige sweater with jeans or brown pants is a great way to keep a photo shoot looking more tailored. Take a look at the examples and color palettes to the right to give you more ideas. Be sure to also let your clients know that bringing options to change into helps a lot as well.


Hopefully this helps you guide your clients in their outfit choices and be sure to share any clothing stories you have below!




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