Head Shots


What to Expect

January 16, 2014



With our limited time head shot sale in full swing, I've been getting a lot of questions on how to dress and what to do to prepare. Therefore, I have decided to give a couple tips on what to expect for your upcoming shoot:


1) These are Head Shots, Not Beauty Pageant or Glamour Shots


Big hair and movie star make-up can make you look AMAZING at a fashion shoot or on the red carpet; however, head shots are a different breed. The point here is to show your true self in the best manner possible. Allowing the real you to shine through! Of course some light make-up is fine and actually highly encouraged - just don't go overboard. Also, be sure to wear your hair as you would normally wear it (down styles are the norm), though this will vary according to your vocation.


2) Clothing Must Be Appropriate


We see photos with odd clothing choices all the time, it happens. Choose clothing that is appropriate for why you are getting these head shots. For example, if you are a realtor, you'll want to dress like a respectable realtor to intrigue prospective clients; if you are a doctor, you'll want to look like a doctor. For actors, you have a little more wiggle room with your outfit choices and here are a few guidelines to follow:


- Solid colors look best

- Darker and richer colors are great for theatrical shots

- Brighter colors look better for commercial shots

- Patterned tops can take the attention away from you and distract casting directors

- Slightly sheer tops tend to capture light well (just be sure to be properly dressed underneath)

- Since head shots are not full body shots, try to choose clothing that makes your eyes "pop"!

- You can also choose a color that matches your eyes to create a clean looking full photo

- Bring options! Don't overwhelm your photographer with clothing choices, but 2-3 options per look should give them a good amount to choose from.


3) Personality, Personality, Personality!


Head shots stand out due to personality! After all of your planning, moisturizing, eyebrow plucking, and trying on every outfit in your closet, it all comes down to personality. Like Tyra Banks says, "Sm-eyes"! Connect with the camera and give it your best effort because that is what is really going to come across to people.



Hopefully this helps you nail your head shots and book that next gig! If you have any other tips for making great head shots, be sure to list them below!


© 2013 by Sierra Scott