1. Do you charge for travel?


I do not charge for travel within 15 mi of my starting locations or if previously discussed. I also do not charge for travel within most areas of greater Los Angeles. However, there is a $2.50/mi travel fee if I travel outside of my 15mi radius. If in doubt though, don't hesitate to ask. All travel fees are due at the time of the shoot.

2. What is your cancellation/ refund policy?


You will have up to 24hrs prior to your shoot to reschedule/ cancel and any reschedule/ cancellation requests made later than 24hrs will be decided upon on a case by case basis. Also, with light retouching, your images will be ready within 3 - 7 business days. All sales are final and any cancellations made up to 24hrs before a scheduled shoot will result in store credit for the full purchased amount. Any cancellations made less than 24hrs in advance will result in forfeiture of the full reservation fee.

3. What is your weather policy?


Weather permitting, all shoots commence as scheduled. If it happens (as it sometimes does) that there is a substantial amount of rain, snow, etc... I may use props like umbrellas or rain/ snow gear as a theme for the photos. If the weather is too hostile for us to shoot in, my safety and the safety of my clients is my first priority and we will reschedule for a later date.

4. Do you require a deposit?


Yes; All shoots require a 50% deposit to reserve your date/ time that must be made at least 48hrs before your scheduled shoot (for all non-wedding sessions). Full payment is due on the shoot date and may be paid online through Venmo (@sierrascott315), Paypal or in person with cash, cashier's check, major credit card, or personal check. Any bounced checks will be subject to a $25 bounced check fee. For all Wedding packages, a 50% deposit is required at least 2 weeks before your ceremony to reserve your date and full payment is due two weeks before the ceremony.

5. Do you do home Family shoots?


Home is where the heart is and I am open to photographing you and your family in the place you feel most comfortable. However, be aware that I do bring an assistant and with using natural light, it is a lot easier for me to shoot outside. So, if you have a great backyard with decent shading, feel free to mention that as well!



6. What is your re-shoot policy?

I stand by my work and always strive to deliver the best images possible. However, there may come a time where a client is not happy with any of the images I have provided. Should a circumstance such as that occur where you are not able to find at least one usable image, I will allow a one time reshooting within 15mi of my starting location. Provided everyone involved in the original photoshoot is present, all the originally shot clothing is worn, and the oringinal circumstances are recreated to the best of our knowledge. All initial images taken from the original shoot will be erased forever and deleted from any galleries.



7. What is "light retouching"?


Light retouching is included in all packages and consists of blemish removal for one to two blemishes, removal of stray hairs if there happens to be a couple out of place. It also includes minor bruise and minor scratch removal for children up to age 5. Light retouching essentially just cleans up what you would see with your naked eye at the shoot. Premium retouching may be purchased separately and starts at $50 per photo if not already included in your preferred package. Premium retouching includes teeth and eye whitening, color effects (such as different lighting effects), color changes, sky enhancement, object removal, and any other extensive alterations of any sort.



8. Fees


Here you will find a breakdown of any fees you may run into:


- After hours fee: There is a $25 fee for any non-wedding shoots booked after hours. Shooting hours are 8am - 5pm Monday - Weds and 9am - 2pm Thursday - Saturday. We are closed on Sundays, but if we simply cannot find another day that suits your schedule, there is an after hours fee of $60 to shoot on Sundays.


- Bounced Check fee: $35 fee for bounced checks.


- Convenience fee: A 3% fee added to any online, invoiced transactions over $100. Not applicable to cash or check payments.


- Custom Prop fee: This fee can range from $5 on depending on your custom prop needs. Please request any custom props asap as the prep times can vary.


- Deposit: Must be made in order to reserve your shoot. Non-refundable. If you schedule a shoot and do not provide a deposit, your shoot is invalid. Deposit is subtracted from your total amount due and your remaining balance is due at the time of the shoot.


- Hair: "Your hair looks amazing!" When do you not want to hear that? $75 for one look or $200 for the duration of the shoot (up to 2hrs) plus touch ups.


- Late Payment fee: This applies mostly to weddings, $50 fee for late payments.


- Make-up: Clean, sharp make-up looks great in a photo! $75 for one look or $150 for the duration of shoot (up to 2hrs) including touch ups.


- Post Shoot billing fee: 10% for billing after the shoot and credit card processing. Not applicable for cash or checks received within 3 business days post shoot.


- Private Property: Some locations require a reservation and a fee (such as the Botanical Gardens and Laguna Gloria) since they are private property. These fees can vary and reservations can fill up quickly.


- Proofing Extension fee: Sometimes it happens that we get busy and we forget to take a look at our photos. I always let you know when your photos are ready to be proofed and when your album is expiring, however if you'd like to extend the time your album is available for viewing and purchasing there is a $5/ month extension fee for albums with 300 photos or less and $10/ month for albums with over 300 photos.


- Sales Tax: The current tax rate is 8.25% for TX and 9% for CA.


- Styling: Professional styling can add that extra "umph!" to your photos! $25 per each "look".




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